Information Concerning Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Mar 27, 2024
ISDS understands the trickledown impact this cyberattack has had on dental practices – particularly on payments and explanations of payment (EOP) – and wants to help our members navigate through the receiving and recording of payments from dental benefit/insurance companies correctly in the meantime.

You have likely seen information from ADA, such as this article, regarding the cyberattack against Change Healthcare, one of the largest health care technology companies in the United States.  

Below are links to resources from the primary dental benefit/insurance companies from which ISDS has received questions from our membership.  For status updates, how to access EOPs, potential provider relief options, and other information, please visit these links below.  New updates are being made almost daily, so be sure to revisit the links below for any desired updates.  If there are any other dental benefit/insurance companies from which you need more information, please let ISDS know by emailing, and we will be happy to assist you.

Delta Dental of Illinois:


Obviously, cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever and particularly disruptive in today’s digital world.  Please consider using this unfortunate event for Change Healthcare as an opportunity to review your own business and personal cyber security measures are sufficient to avoid a similar occurrence.  A variety of content focused on digital record security and record-keeping software systems in dental practices is available at