Member Center

Members of the McHenry County Dental Association also enjoy the benefits of membership to the Illinois State Dental Society and the American Dental Association Members.

Please review the membership information below and contact the Illinois State Dental Society to join or renew.

ISDS has worked on the behalf of dentistry for over 150 years. When you are a member, ISDS represents you through legislative advocacy, ensures your practice runs as efficiently as possible by working with endorsed vendors to provide members-only discounts and benefits, and provides up-to-date information on what matters most to organized dentistry. ISDS proudly supports over 6,600 Illinois licensed dentists. Additionally, ISDS offers membership categories for dental hygienists and dental students at Illinois’ three dental schools.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Membership

1. I want to join ISDS as a member, how do I do that?
It’s easy to join ISDS as a member! Just visit this page and click on “complete the Online Membership Application”. Once completed, an email confirmation will be sent from staff with more information. Membership dues should be paid or a payment plan should be set up immediately after applying to become a member.

2. How much are membership dues?
Membership dues are based on three entities: your component, ISDS, and the ADA. Each component charges a different amount for their portion of dues. Other information, like graduation year, retirement status, etc., is also considered. For an accurate membership due amount, please call the ISDS office at 217-525-1406.

3. When do I need to pay membership dues?
Annual membership dues should be paid by January 1 of the current membership years. Renewal invoices for the upcoming membership year are sent in the fall of the current year.

4. I’m retiring, what do I need to do?
Congratulations! When a member is going to retire, it is important to work with the local component on obtaining a retirement affidavit. This is especially important for those members who will be receiving life membership upon retirement. Please contact your component leadership for the proper paperwork.

5. Is an affordable payment plan available?
Yes! A 12 month payment plan is available. Members who take advantage of this, must submit a valid credit card for the entirety of the plan. There are no fees associated with the payment plan. You can either call the ISDS office at 217-525-1406 or select “payment plan” when paying your dues online.

6. I need to update my contact information, how do I do that?
Keeping your contact information up-to-date is important so you don’t miss any of ISDS’s important mailings. To update your information, just login into the ISDS member portal by clicking here.

7. What is an ADA number and why do I have one?
Your ADA number is a 9 digit number that is basically your member identification number. When calling either ISDS or the ADA, please have that number handy for easy reference.

8. Have other questions?
Feel free to reach out to Claire Griffith, our membership manager!